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hey, this is an LTE! [if you didnt read the name of the page u clicked on ...] which stands for "Longest text ever" and yes, i know im most likely not going to get the record for a lte, but ill still try. ive wrote this plenty of times since it kept corrupting, but im writing it again after 2 years :p i am inspired by the "whiletrue" neocities site, and thats why im using neocities. never really heard of it actually, but its a somewhat nice site maker..well, if all your making it for is to write paragraphs upon paragraphs, THEN its good but otherwise, not so good :') it is currently 2021 september 10, and its kinda a funny date, 9/10/21 a.k.a 9 + 10 = 21? not really funny, just i do not want to change my vocabulary yet, as i do not intend to use my brain for the next few hours. school is almost over! ha, im back. its 1:19 pm, tomorrow we will be 9/11, we will be 'remembering' what happened 20 years ago, as if we havent already been. its actually kinda sad to think about all those people who died. ;( it was very brave of Mark Bingham, Todd Beamer, Jeremy Glick, and Tom Burnett to try and fight the hijacker, may they all rest in peace. [besides the hijacker] i feel bad for David, the owner of Sirius, if you do not know what im talking about, you should read the book "Sirius, the hero dog of 9/11" only if you are not emotional, it includes animal gore. also im very sorry if i do not capitalize my "I" or say "i'm" or anything like that, i just do not care for my grammar. fun fact, i have adhd. might not be a "fact" to you at all since you dont even know me, but hi! my name is colin, im not sure how to feel about my name. i used to think i had such a rare cool name but now i feel like its so common and bad, even though ive seen like 6 collin's and colin's my whole life, its just ive heard my name said so much and that is why. but i feel like thats common! i just wonder what it'd be like to have a different name, even for a few days. also i just noticed something weird, if you are on a laptop [im at school on a lenovo chromebook] and you press right alt, if you look closely you will see the keys around it also move. yes i know, im oblivious to basic knowledge. and hey, im just going to say this now, if you hate LGBTQ+, neopronouns, or anything of that sort, please DNI with this LTE [do not interact] also DNI if you are racist, ableist, sexist, yknow. anything that hates on another person for being themselves - how they were born. the golden rule does still exist. im fine if you dont support lgbtq but respect them, just dont be toxic please. its 1:38 pm now! somewhat closer to the end of the day, im about to go to band after english [which im in right now] and i play the drums! :D i will not be using my computer in there though, obvious as to why. i just completed a english test so, yk..'freetime'? im in 9th grade, yes im young. but it doesnt bother anyone so its fine :) i was going to say something, but i do not remember. it was about something about band i think? not sure, but yeah, if you want to add me to any mc realms my username is y0_L, please do because i am very lonely. i have like 4 friends, kind of? those are my active friends that i actually talk to, but i do have some other friends. please ignore any typos such as "im about to to band" or something, its 13:43 now, or as you might say; 1:43 pm. by the way! im from england, hastings but i am and have been living in denver co for 13 years, no i do not have a british accent. wish i did though! people from the uk are very cool B] same with australia, and sweden. a few other places too, but i do not have enough time to say it all, just know you are also really cool! the letter "i" has been said 227 times. if you want a up to date thing of how many times i said a word - letter, to alt + F and type it. its a basic shortcut that most people know, but still pretty cool! oh yeah, my birthday is july 28 off topic but its a fact ig. oh hey, i remember what i was going to say earlier. it wasnt about band, i was going to say that im listening to mother mother - burning pile, mother mother is a very good artist as well as mitski, mac demarco, lemon demon, and a bit more, notice how i never finish anything and i either put "etc" or "and a bit more" ;/ anyways, its 1:50 so ill be going in 6 minutes. cool fact! i can drag click, butterfly click, and jitter, my highest CPS [clicks per second] is 145 with drag click, although it did lag for a few seconds.. dont tell anyone tho [aka it didnt count] but yeah, my highest WPM [words per minute] is 153 :D a weird thing happened recently, some girl in my class made a rumor about my friend saying he masterba- whatever, anyways yeah they said that he did in 2 classes in which he didnt, and he emailed them "f u" since everyone was dming him asking him stuff and he wasnt comfortable explaining and he got suspended and so they acted "Scared of what he will do next?" [he didnt do anything besides that email] and now he has a thing kinda like a restraining order on him, and if he does anything its a "criminal arrest" anyways, cya! im going to band.. i am back, hey! it is september 13th now, not 10th. the weekend passed and last night i found out i still fight in my old 2019 buzz lightyear costume that i used to wear since my brother with down syndrome [8 years old now] was in LOVE with toy story at the time and still is, he had his own buzz light year outfit so one day i decided to get one and walked in with it and he was so happy :). hes liked many things, one of them being big hero 6, toy story [as i just told you] and the night before christmas. his name is milo! one of the best names i have ever heard :D i have around 11 siblings, milo, caitlyn, chloe, emma, lily, maddie, oliver, courtney, chelsea, michael, maddox! :D not only do i have a ton of brothers and sisters but a TON of pets, and for some reason instruments? i swear, my parents love collecting things.. recently we got 5 more cats, raven, leo, kit kat, tiger, runty! we already had 2, chester and pepper. its 12:57 pm right now. im in english doing a 9/11 test. still... it is now 1:02 pm, sorry i mention time so much, just i write whatever i am thinking at that very moment, alot actually. most of this is being scrapped as i have to pick between around 30 ideas, and then i say how im "struggling to think of an idea" but thats because i scrapped them all trying to remember another ideaaaaaa. its not fun, i just want to write :') this is quite fun actually, just writing what i think of and maybe someone else will read it some day, maybe someone in around 2 - 3 years will read this and go "oh yeah, that year. the one with all the riots, part 2 of 2020, now we have flying cars and stuff lol. and there is a new game called knockdown" idk, trying to say someone will look back and think of this as a "memorial" year. there is a 'trend' to go around saying "Ratio, L, fatherless, fatherful, bozo, abortion" its pretty stupid, but imo its funny when they try to make fun of someone when their only roast - comeback is a trend. :) also putting the chair emoji is a "inside joke" now? its a laughing emoji now just because one content creator on TikTok wanted to make a inside joke haha. also there are "diabolical licks" - "demonic licks" - "devious licks" where people take stuff from school, its slightly funny except for when they say "i stole the universe" its not even funny. @_@ but yeah, sorry i change topics too much, but i dont have a taste in games [as in i dont play many games] but i play minecraft for pvp, building, etc, and i play roblox to play with my friends, i play castle crashers [i have since 2015] and i play battle block theater [same time], but yeah; if you play minecraft we should play a server some time because im very lonely! i have like 8 friends, teigan, peyton, thomas, alizaya, jazlene, avalie, erin, joshua. however, joshua is barely my friend considering we are just one friend group and he was added to it recenntly by jazlene and avalie, i barely even know him but he seems cool?? im sorry for bringing in all these random names, probably confusing you..but they might come in later? idk, character devlopment ig- real life lore, kinda like the youtuber. a really good youtuber actually, go subscribe to him >:/ im in art right now, it is 9:03 am. im bored out of my mind, as i do not know what to do in this class considering i forgot to listen to instructions just because i like typing fast considering noise and Click. today i brought in my razer keyboard, its the razer ornata v2. fun fact, i only just found out about a "gaming keypad" https://www.razer.com/shop/keyboards/gaming-keypads. its pretty cool actually, either a macro board on the side of your keyboard or just streaming stuff. i tried being a social reject today, i downloaded a hack client on minecraft and went on my realm. i was killaura + bhop mobs, it was kinda fun actually. only for the look of being a "pro hacker" as ive always imagined as a youngling - 9 year old. i do prefer normal pvp. hi im back again, we are getting to the point where i barely ever edit this site. ever since i updated, my computer may have broken {my home one, and my school one. but im talking about my home one} basically i came home from school to get on a game with my friends and nothing is opening because it isnt "Responding" and so i cannot update my computer considering i last updated it in 2017 {pls update ur computer often} so i factory reset it, i have wanted to for awhile considering almoset everything i was on my computer is redownloadable - i have just log back into it and so im on the factory reset screen, and i choose to upgrade to "Big Sur" the new update {yes, i am on a imac. ive had it since 2015 ok} and then it loads but it stops loading at "A little under a minute remaining..." and its been there for 47 hours. :) that is not an estimate by the way, i kept count. so i have not been using my computer for a few days! cuz i cant.. also yeah, i broke my school computer because last year, the tech people at my school repaired my previously broken chromebook {it broke in the past cuz i accidentally hit in with my balisong trainer during kahoot- what an ending for a chromebook.} and so when they were repairing it they didnt put on a latch completely and recently that latch came up so then a week later the other latch dropped and the frame would come off and the screen was only held on, on one side.. hihi, back again. its september 24 10:53 am and i am reading this back, some things have changed; my friend who got a 'criminal arrest' unenrolled from the school, and the cat named 'kitkat' i guess is named bluey now? or something like that. its very confusing, however recently i fixed my computer! and i used 'Bootcamp Assistant' so now my imac runs windows and imac and you can choose which at 'login' {kinda?} login as in when you turn on the imac after it makes the noise you click alt {dont hold it just click it} and it will show a imac log in screen but instead it showed "WindowsOS" and "MacOS" and you choose which you want to use. haha, also about the devious lick thing, someone did the trend on my school and stole a stall + the toilet + a fossit :'D and now there is a trend called "heavenly yield" - "Angelic Yield". Oh my god! it has officially been 10 and a half months since i have updated, it is August 15th 2022, and my birthday was 18 days ago! Also that "raven" cat wasnt actually a girl, so we named him binx. I dont know if i already mentioned that, but some huge ordeal happened between my sister {owner of binx} and my brother who is pretty clearly part of the owning family of kitkat, who in fact wasnt named bluey but instead nicknamed that by said brother and sister. Anyways, this was like 9 months ago, my sister and my brother fought about the cats thinking my brother swapped their collars so this whole time we both had swapped cats but it turns out instead of kitkat being a boy and "raven" being a girl, they were both boys. so in fact, nobody swapped the collars. Anyways, im in 10th grade Chemistry as i type this. it is once again, August 15th 2022 at 2:02 pm - 14:02. i recently got a roccat kain mouse to improve my skills for drag clicking and i use my new usb hub for all 3 of my main mice, razer viper for normal use {double side buttons for easy surfing around the internet} and my model o for debounce butterfly and roccat as just an extra for drag clicking with some weight! ;D we also set up our gym in our house today, we had already had the stuff for over 29 years but it was in seperate rooms so we moved it all downstairs yesterday or the day before that {it was a weekend, as it is now monday} so we set up the gym! :D also, this is the start of the 2nd week of school and i am adjusting pretty well to 10th grade! {the chocolate milk became 900 times better.} Im back, except now i gotta go, but yes i recently started a jounral for everyone i meet in the hall to write {obviously not EVERYONE} and it is already half full and i want to keep it until i am in college or even a senior in life, it has random stuff, for some reason even a thirst trap of bob ross and ashley judd? Alright, its 1:45, im in cemistry and it is september 20 2022. Almost halloween! my sister built a pyramid head cosplay including a non sharpened version of his sword. I am gonna be a Plague Doctor. Anyways cya cuz im gonna go for now i have a hands on project to do. Update on Feb/16/2023, i am know thinking about deleting this LTE after rereading it and noticing how cringe and random it is. I put my old minecraft username thinking someone might read this and some day wonder if i died? i put that hoping someone would add me and say hello, wanna be friends" but it was very random. I am also now on another website that shows other ltes, i never actually planned on this getting bigger, i just kind of imagined this as a english essay. Also if you are reading this and i put a charachter that has dots above it like ñ or ĺ, its because i have international keyboard on in settings and i am to lazy to switch it back to US. Also yeah, i never ended up doing anything for halloween as i went to sleep and nobody woke me up. Anyways goodbye for now, i might go through here and use grammarly to fix all my spelling errors :L The thing i do not like about neocities is that it doesnt show you when you spell something wrong. Anyways we found runty! he was missing, goodbye!